What is OTechnology?

OTechnology is the name we’ve given to our integrated system of design, engineering, fabrication, and construction developed during more than 150 projects and 30 years of green and efficient building design and construction. We have perfected an integrated system with design, management, and construction services in-house, ensuring that design elements are carried through to construction and operation as efficiently as planned. We operate our own, local factory to fabricate our beyond-green building panels—made using light-gauge, cold-formed, steel—built specifically for OTechnology projects. The panels are made with high insulation and earth-friendly materials that won’t off gas and arrive ready for installation.

We apply the OTechnology process to single-family homes (OHome), multi-family homes and villages (OHousing), and classrooms (OClass), resulting in healthy, energy-efficient and elegant design that capitalize on passive techniques for natural light, ventilation, heating, and cooling. Using this process, Healthy Buildings is able to save up to 50% in build time, creating more affordable homes and classrooms that can already meet California’s 2020 energy efficiency standards requiring net-zero energy today.

But we call it OTechnology because of the experience people have when they walk into our spaces. It’s an experience of “Oh, wow.” It’s different, it feels good, it saves you money, and it’s good for the Earth. It is the Optimal way to design and build any project.

OTechnology is a new way to build that is healthier, reduces your carbon footprint, and saves you money.