Thriving Communities

What makes a community thrive? Is it friendly neighbors who share a smile and a cup of sugar? A healthy and safe place for families to live and play? Access to green space and the ability to grow food? The peace of mind of doing all you can to contribute to a more resilient planet?

Thriving Communities, our development partner, designs our Thriving Community eco-villages with all of these in mind. The villages make the most of urban settings, keeping cars on the outside—safely covered by solar-panel roofs—and green space, play space, and community gardens on the inside. A shared community building has space for meetings, classes, or gatherings. Both single family and multi-family homes, built using our beyond-green healthy building technology, face toward the center of the community, allowing for old fashioned front porch sitting and easy access to walking paths and garden.

Investing in Thriving Communities

Thriving Communities provides healthy, urban eco-villages with single- and multi-family homes that are energy and resource efficient:

  • Greener by every definition
  • Up to 50% faster to build, and less expensive to rent and own
  • So energy efficient that they can meet California’s 2020 energy efficiency standards requiring net-zero energy
  • Built by a company that is a great place to work and a successful investment for its stockholders

OTechnology creates investment opportunities that provide energy-efficient tax credits, faster construction in a controlled environment, and workforce and affordable housing opportunities.

The Thriving Communities website has more information. Our website has information about our current projects.