Napa Creek Village

Features include:

  • Net-zero energy use homes
  • Healthy and in-demand finishes and amenities that won’t off gas toxic chemicals
  • Park-like common grounds and a community garden
  • Photovoltaic panels that produce clean electricity
  • Community building for shared classes or gatherings.

~A 48-unit condominium-style beyond-green eco-village development, on a 2.5-acre urban site on Napa Creek~

Napa Creek Village is being designed as a 48-unit condominium style eco-village with three story, net-zero electricity buildings built with healthy OTechnology. The site is situated on beautiful 2.5-acre land on Napa Creek in Napa, California. When completed in 2016, these homes will already meet the 2020 California building energy standards, saving you money each month in saved electricity costs.

Napa Creek Village will be taken through LEED, Cal Green, and Build-It-Green certifications.  It is currently expected to achieve LEED Gold.

This project is also designed specifically to encourage connection and community among the residents. Parking is separated from housing in carports with storage areas, covered by photovoltaic panels. All front doors will face a meandering green-space with water-saving pervious surfaces (which make use of surface water on-site), and irrigated by a grey water collection and filtration system. This green space will be gated, allowing children and pets to play safely and securely within the complex.  A community clubhouse, and edible community gardens and landscaping, have also been planned.

Architect: Beth Farley, Healthy Building Design Group. Currently under construction by Healthy Buildings Construction Group.