Calistoga Vista

Calistoga Vista is a 50 unit housing project comprised of 46 residential condos and 4 small live/work townhomes, all of which are planned to be rented. The project is targeted to be one of the greenest multi-family projects in the country. It is designed to bring critically needed affordable and workforce housing to Calistoga.

The developer of the project is Calistoga Vista, LLC, with close participation and sponsorship of the Gumina family, which owns the property and resides in Calistoga. The Healthy Buildings Company of Napa is the project’s Design / Build firm, Beth Farely – Architect

The project will have a condo map in place, which will provide for the option of selling the individual residential units as condominiums in the future. Sales prices will be in the same categories as the rents. The business plan does include affordability scenarios:

The 42/8 Scenario – 42 Market Rate units and 8 units deed restricted for 55 years at 80% of AMI. This will be the minimum mix of affordable units in the project.

The 30/12/8 Scenario is being explored. This will consist of 30 Market Rate, 12 units deed restricted for 40 years at 120% of AMI and 8 units deed restricted for 55 years at 80% of AMI. However several factors would have to come into play to make this scenario viable. These factors are being explored as of the time of this submittal. However it is the 42/8 Scenario that is being presented for approval at this time.

Sustainable Features 

The project will meet LEED Platinum standards and will be among the most sustainable, healthiest residential projects in the entire United States. Some of the many sustainable and environmentally friendly aspects to the project are as follows:

  1. Enough Solar PV panels to offset the PG&E power bills on a yearly basis.
  2. A highly insulated, tightly sealed building envelope,
  3. High quality windows with awnings on all south and west facing sides.
  4. Standing seam metal roof, supporting the solar PV system
  5. Grey water system, to keep potable water use at extremely low levels.
  6. Durable, attractive, low maintenance exterior finish materials.
  7. LED lighting throughout.
  8. Energy efficient appliances, and low flow water fixtures.
  9. There will be No Natural Gas installed at the site, which coupled with the solar array will push the project to true Zero Net Energy… homes that produce as much energy as they consume.

A Resident-Friendly site plan, with ample on-site parking 

The site plan has been designed with the four buildings surrounding a central pedestrian courtyard. The building that fronts on Grant Street is two stories, comprised of (4) live/work units. The commercial side of the live/work units is located at the first floor along Grant Street and the entrances and store front windows are off the sidewalk with a deep roof providing shade and rain protection. Each commercial space has its own door and signage above the space. The residential side of the live/work unit is entered off the central courtyard thru the unit’s private patio. An interior door connects the live area with the work area. These units have living, dining and kitchens at the first floor and two bedrooms and a flex room at the second floor.

The three other buildings in the complex are made up of (18) studios, (15) one-bedroom units, (9) one bedroom plus a flex-room units, (2) two bedroom units and (2) three bedroom units. The buildings on the east and west side of the courtyard are three stories. The building at the north side of the courtyard is a three story that steps down to two stories.

In the courtyard is the project’s swimming pool with 2 ADA bathrooms, green areas with trees for shade, a community garden with tool storage and an area with tables and chairs for community meals or place to gather. Each residential unit has their patio or deck and the kitchen sink facing the central courtyard. This helps to create community and security for the residents. The entry stair halls each serve six residential units. The seating areas at the stair landings have been designed for neighbors to gather and get to know each other better. Every stair hall leads directly into the central courtyard. At the north end of the courtyard is a community center for the residents. The community center will have two community rooms, a small gym, a kitchen, a tool library, the central mailboxes and access, by stair and elevator, to a large roof deck. On the roof deck are trellises covering comfortable furniture, barbeque grills, and an amazing view of the Palisade hills and vineyards to the north.

There are two entry driveways off of Grant Street that lead to covered parking areas on the east and west side of the site. There are (6) electric-vehicle charging stations, two of which are ADA spaces and 18 bicycle parking spaces. The trash and recycling enclosures are at the end of each of the parking areas. A permeable surfaced emergency egress route connects the two parking areas across the courtyard and is accessed with removable bollards. The storm water bio-swale design has been integrated into the courtyard along the central space and around the edges of the site. The landscape design brings an abundance of roses, flowering vines, fruit trees and edible plants and herbs. The grey water system will capture the water from the showers, tubs, bath sinks and washers. This system will provide enough treated water to fully irrigate all of the landscape and flush all of the toilets resulting in a significant reduction in the need for city water.

Architecture that stays true to Calistoga’s history

A traditional Craftsman architectural style blended with agricultural corrugated metal siding has been chosen to be compatible with the surrounding eclectic neighborhood. Elements of brackets, rafter tails, balcony railings, varying window sizes, pop outs and window awnings help create interesting articulation on the building facades. Building materials vary from wide horizontal fiber cement siding at the 1st floor to a smooth wall surface at 2nd and 3rd floors with corrugated galvanized siding on vertical elements and a standing seam metal roof. The rooflines are traditional gables with varying heights and ridge directions. Roof overhangs are two feet with the exception of the commercial entrances, which are provided with 4-6 feet of sun and rain protection. The larger buildings are broken up by the recessed entrance stair hall elements and roof direction change. We have chosen a color pallet of creamy white walls with bright white trim and brackets, contrasted with the galvanized metal of the corrugated siding and red metal roofs. The flowering roses and plants will be highly visible against the creamy white walls.

Re-purposing the existing building 

The existing structures on the site, which include a large barn and 2 small houses, will be demolished and the old redwood-framing members will be saved and reused in the project for signage, trellises and wood accent walls. Anything that cannot be reused in the demolition will be recycled, with minimum going to landfill.

Concessions Made and Funding Needed •

The developer would like to use the state density bonus, which will allow 50 units to be constructed and to allow for a reduction in the parking requirement. With our current unit mix we cover the City of Calistoga’s inclusionary housing requirement. In addition, the developer will offer 20 (8 plus 12) of the rental condos first to those that currently work in Calistoga. The mechanism for this offering is the “Local Preference Policy for the City of Calistoga” required by Resolution No. 2008-114. (See attached) In addition, an approval thru the Municipal Code for an increase in building height from 30’-0” to 36’-6” will be needed.

An affordable Housing Agreement will be used to set the terms of the inclusionary housing requirements and the affordable housing incentives. We will deed restrict the 8 affordable units (80% AMI) for 55 years. We will deed restrict the 12 workforce housing units (120% and 140% of AMI) for a period of 10 years.

Towards the Future

We are excited to bring this project to the beautiful City of Calistoga. In building Calistoga Vista, critically needed housing units will become available to the people who live and work locally. The project will provide a high quality, beautiful, sustainable, Zero Net Energy standard for the City and its residents to enjoy for the foreseeable future.