Our Vision

In 1981, Bob and Jon Massaro founded one of the first design-build firms in Los Angeles with an eye to filling a gap that they saw in the market: the ability to design and construct affordable buildings and communities that provided the highest levels of energy efficiency, resource conservation, human comfort, and social responsibility. More than thirty years in the making, this “Holy Grail” of building design came together in a proprietary process that allows us to build sustainable housing, communities, and relocatable classrooms better and faster—saving money and providing healthy, green, and comfortable indoor environments.

Our proprietary system of design and engineering, which we call OTechnology, is proven to have lower up-front and ongoing costs than any other traditional option for a similar product. Construction is faster (up to half the time of conventional building construction) and energy use is low (up to net zero) so that you can save money.

OTechnology can be applied in residential and classroom applications including single- and multi-family homes (OHomes and OHousing), temporary and emergency housing, and relocatable classrooms (OClass). Our designers and engineers all share a passion to create the greenest buildings possible using our 44 sustainable design elements: you customize your building to the shade of green you choose.

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