If you are a developer that wants to save time and money—while offering your clients elegant, healthy, and affordable housing options—partnership with Healthy Buildings may be for you. Our OTechnology has been successfully applied to a number of multi-family projects including apartments, townhomes, condominiums, and eco-villages.

Our design/build approach ensures complete budget management and excellent quality control. And we can apply OTechnology to any architectural plan or design and build it in up to half the time of conventional construction, allowing developers and investors a faster rate of return and decreased interest fees on construction loans.

Built Beyond Green, Affordable by Design

During 30 years of design, construction, operation, and maintenance, Healthy Buildings has pioneered a new way to build, using a proprietary healthy, beyond-green, and affordable building process called OTechnology. OTechnology incorporates up to 44 sustainable elements, shown on our Periodic Table of Sustainable Elements, that make our buildings sustainable and healthy. Our designs meet building codes in all 50 states and qualify for standard and FHA mortgages.

Faster Build Time, Built to Last Longer

The OTechnology process focuses on energy-efficient and elegant design that capitalizes on passive techniques for natural light, ventilation, heating, and cooling—combined with the use of light-gauge, cold-formed, steel pre-constructed panels built specifically for OTechnology projects. This combination of optimal systems and panelized construction results in high-performance homes that are faster to build with a durable frame and finish that make maintenance easy.

Using this process, Healthy Buildings is able to save up to 50% in build time, creating more affordable, beyond-green homes that can already meet California’s 2020 energy efficiency standards requiring net-zero energy.

Healthy to Live In, Better for the Planet

The panels are made with high insulation and earth-friendly materials that won’t off gas and arrive ready for installation. Residents enjoy excellent indoor air quality resulting from our standard use of low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and formaldehyde-free materials. Tight building envelope minimizes unwanted outside air and helps to regulate indoor temperature. Windows are located to make the best use of daylight and to improve passive heating and cooling opportunities.

High-Performance Villages, Designed for You to Thrive

Thriving Communities, our real estate development partner, designs our Thriving Community eco-villages with all of these in mind. The villages make the most of urban settings, keeping cars on the outside—safely covered by solar-panel roofs—and green space, play space, and community gardens on the inside. A shared community building has space for meetings, classes, or gatherings. Both single family and multi-family homes, built using our OTechnology process, face toward the center of the community, allowing for old fashioned front porch sitting and easy access to walking paths and garden.

OTechnology creates investment opportunities that provide energy-efficient tax credits, faster construction in a controlled environment, and workforce and affordable housing opportunities.

Find out more about living and investing in Thriving Communities.