OHome Testimonials

See what people who have stayed in an OHome have to say:

Well done on a beautiful and comfortable home! It has been a real treat to spend the weekend here.
—Julie and Andrew

It was so comfortable, cool, and the rooftop was a real treat. The concrete flooring, metal roof, and lighting from intricately placed windows were a plus. We are inspired to start our design process.
—David & Savannah

A definite WOW experience. The attention to detail was so satisfying. We had a great time and felt so good about the environmental benefit. Everything is constructed to support Mother Earth and her populace.

WOW is the world for the OHome! A great modern space, but very cozy at the same time. Great light, location, and overall feel.
—Tony and Lara

This space has been given considerable thought. You can feel the attention to detail and its appreciated by all who enter.
—Tahlia and Sam

Put Simply… INSPIRED! What a great idea. It is awesome to know there is a company out there making the housing changes our society needs. The OHome possesses everything an individual needs and much much more. I WANT TO OWN ONE!