The OHome

Though the innovative and efficient use of space, each standard OHome plan feels spacious while at the same time having a smaller footprint for more economical living. People who have experienced our homes say that the elegant design, natural light, and low ambient noise allow them to feel wrapped in a sense of security and peace.

You can choose from seven versatile standard designs, though there are unlimited applications for OTechnology. You can customize your OHome with any of our sustainable elements to the shade of green you choose. We apply our knowledge of sustainable design to give you a cost-competitive solution for the sustainable home of your dreams.

Why Do I Want An OHome?

We’ve planned the OHome designs so you won’t have large utility bills—each OHome has an average of R30 insulation values, compared to the building code requirements of R19 for ceiling and R13 for walls. The exterior is not wood; therefore, no need for frequent repainting. We frame your home with galvanized light-gauge steel, instead of wood, which means no termites or mold. Your building is more durable, so maintenance costs are low. We keep your home healthy by using materials that contain NO added formaldehyde or other toxic building products—even windows and doors do not contain any PVC (polyvinyl chloride plastic, or vinyl). We use EnergyStar appliances and water saving devices.

All these features are standard in each OHome design, with many other beyond-green features available with an upgrade.

What Is A Backyard Home?

Backyard homes are OHomes built on your existing property, and are perfect for seniors who want to age in place, for boomerangs coming home to roost, or as a legal rental unit. We make it easy to build an additional home; you work with one company from start to finish. We work with you and have fun doing it!

  • Our standard designs will fit most every location.
  • We match your existing exterior.
  • We prepare the construction documents you need to send to city or county building departments.
  • You can use the construction documents to secure your loan. We have referrals to lending institutions that have already approved the OHome plans.
  • We build your OHome in our facility while your site and foundation are prepared.
  • We manage the assembly of the OHome.
  • We fit and finish the OHome, down to the paint on the walls.
  • We take your new OHome through all inspections.