How We Do It

The Elements of Our OTechnology

We have so many healthy, green, and efficient features integrated into our OTechnology that we created a Periodic Table of Sustainable Elements to easily explain what makes our buildings healthy and green. Take a tour of the chart and read about the elements of OTechnology.

OTechnology is the name we’ve given to our integrated system of design, engineering, fabrication, and construction developed during more than 150 projects and 30 years of green and efficient building design and construction. We have perfected an integrated system with design, management, and construction services in-house—ensuring that design elements are carried through to construction and operation as efficiently as planned. We operate our own, local factory to fabricate our beyond-green building panels—that arrive on the construction site with computer-controlled features ready to assemble in up to half the time of conventional construction.

But we call it OTechnology because of the experience people have when they walk into our spaces. It’s an experience of “Oh, wow.” It’s different, it feels good, it saves you money, and it’s good for the Earth. It is the Optimal way to design and build any project.

OTechnology is a new way to build that is healthier, reduces your carbon footprint, and saves you money.

Manufacturing Innovation

In our local fabrication facility, we pre-assemble our panels in a climate-controlled environment using light-gauge steel framing and non-toxic and sustainable materials.

Though we enjoy the time- and money-saving benefits of pre-fabrication, we are not modular or manufactured construction. OTechnology allows us to build any design, up to four stories in height, in single- or multi-family applications. We meet all building codes in the 50 states, and comply with all forms of conventional funding. We’d be happy to work with your architect or we can design and manage the project for you from start to finish.

Quick Installation

Wall panels arrive at your building site complete with all window and door openings, shear panels, transfer posts, all studs, headers, and plates. These panels are up to 30 feet long and install as a single unit.

A single OHome can be fabricated in our factory in one to two weeks while your foundation is being build on site. Once transported to your site, the assembly of an OHome takes only two weeks and is complete in four to eight weeks after that. From start to finish, you could move into your new OHome in 12 to 14 weeks or less.

Quality Control

Panels are fabricated in a controlled environment; there are no rain delays or stop of work when the weather gets too warm. Our computer-controlled system enables precise placement of framing components, windows, doors, ultra-high insulation, and electrical and plumbing fixtures.

Strong and Lightweight Assemblies

Light-gauge steel allows for stud placement at 24 inches on center. Steel is stronger, rot proof, and resistant to mold. The walls are straight and do not twist, warp, or shrink as wood wall do. Light-gauge steel has a large percentage of recycled material in its makeup and it is 100 percent recycleable. Find out more about why we use light-gauge steel rather than wood in our panels.

Large-Format Panels

Panels can be made as large as eight feet by 30 feet for fast warehouse construction. With the use of a high reach forklift or a small crane, these lightweight panels are installed quickly, fastened together and ready to roof with in a few days.