Volatile Organic Compounds

No VOCs. Volatile Organic Compounds are common in solvents; they contribute to smog and respiratory illness.  Since most paints, building materials and finishes can be purchased in VOC-free alternatives, that is what we specify.  VOCs evaporate into the air when these products are used or sometimes even when they are stored.

Environmental Benefits

Most research into effects of residential exposures on respiratory health has focused on allergens, moisture/mold, endotoxin, or combustion products.  A growing body of research from outside the U.S., however, has associated chemical emissions from common indoor materials with risk of asthma, allergies, and pulmonary infections.  Risk factors identified most frequently included recent painting.  Higher concentration of VOCs from painting was associated with:  Wheeze, history of asthma, obstructive bronchitis, pulmonary infection and allergy.

Health and / or Social Benefits

Volatile organic compounds irritate the eyes, nose and throat, and cause headaches, nausea, and damage to the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. Some of them can cause cancer.  Getting rid of these toxins in our homes ensures safe living conditions for everyone in the household.  Some VOCs and SVOCs are odorous and some are suspected causes of adverse health effects. The suspected health effects cover a broad range including, but not limited to, sensory irritation symptoms, allergies and asthma, neurological and liver toxicity, and cancer. The following text briefly summarizes the current knowledge about the linkages of indoor VOCs with sensory irritation, allergic and asthmatic effects, and cancer.

Demand for products made from safer and greener chemicals is growing rapidly. Consumers, investors and governments want chemicals that have low to no toxicity and degrade into innocuous substances in the environment. Leading businesses are capturing these emerging market opportunities by redesigning their products and catalyzing change in their supply chains. We encourage you to support public policies and industry standards that know and disclose product chemistry; assess and avoid hazards; and commit to continuous improvement, also supporting research and development for green chemistry and engineering solutions.

Economic Benefits

Your home will have a higher resell value if you ever consider selling it because it was built without the use of VOC products and this can be listed as a selling point.  Increasing IAQ by getting rid of VOC products in your home reduces sickness and increases concentration and focus so that people will become more productive in their lives and jobs.