Time Saving

Faster Construction

OTechnology designs are incredibly fast to build—taking weeks, not months to complete. Since fabrication and construction is done in advance, the cost of construction time is cut back and your OHome, OClass, or OHousing unit is more cost and time effective in the long run. Other SIPFS are built in a factory, loaded onto big trucks for hauling, then unloaded, moved into position with the support of heavy cranes, and assembled to form a designed building. OTechnology designs don’t need the heavy equipment for assembly, therefore making it even easier to install on your site.

Environmental Benefits

According to the Alameda County Waste Management, 12.91 total tons of waste is produced from the construction of a 2,000 square foot new home. By using standard patterns, the building materials are saved at the manufacturing factories. This help to reduce the waste in form work and other materials that can occur during traditional building procedures. Another environmental benefit of using our proprietary construction method is the energy efficiency. The elements of a panelized home are pre-cut, fitting snugly together and making for a tighter structure. This means less heating and cooling and a decrease in fossil fuel usage and dependency. OTechnology designs can be built exactly to your specifications while keeping the size and cost to a minimum. This helps to cut back on our destruction of natural resources, water and air pollution, fossil fuels and human right violations that come along with building bigger-sized homes.

Health and / or Social Benefits

Building the walls in the factory with pre-cut panels has the benefit of creating an airtight seal in the home and therefore increasing the indoor air quality levels. An airtight building envelope limits air from entering into the building except through the controlled ventilation system. The ventilation system filters out contaminants and allergens, and also allows for incoming air to be dehumidified, reducing the possibility for mold growth.

Besides having the health benefits of reducing our waste and protecting our air, water, and land, lowering energy usage with a tighter pre-cut panel shell even contributes to national security. The United States is the world’s largest importer of oil and natural gas, which often originate in troubled areas of the world. Society will benefit from the protection of all of these natural resources and the humans that were treated unfairly in the extraction, refining or production process of wasted materials.

Economic Benefits

Our proprietary OTechnology process allows for wall construction in a controlled, local factory setting, which is then transported to the construction site for installation. Using this method reduce the contraction time up to 50%, also saving construction cost. Another considerable benefit of using this method is  energy efficiency. Because the prefab structure is tightly built, lower heating and cooling is needed, resulting in lower energy bills.