Factor 5

Our nation uses a lot of natural resources to live. If everyone on earth continues to live as the we do, five additional planets would be needed.

OTechnology was created to minimize the resources used in building construction and operation. What we call “Factor 5 Design” is our way of saying that our designs use about 1/5th the resources, materials, and energy of a conventional building— while delivering the same quality of life. When you live or work in an OHome, OClass, or OHousing unit, you know you are minimizing your ecological footprint.

Environmental Benefits

The United States is only approximately 5% of the world’s population, yet we use approximately 30% of the world’s resources and create approximately 30% of the world’s waste. As developing countries raise their standard of living to our lifestyle, resource use will skyrocket. Investing in Factor 5 buildings allows you to consciously support the prosperity of our earth by making the right choice with our one planet’s natural resources, materials, and energy.

Health and / or Social Benefits

Factor 5 building also promotes human equality by distributing natural resources equally on our planet, instead of allowing the wealthier countries to purchase resources. Humans living in third world countries, that don’t have governments that protect them, are now finding themselves losing the land that has provided and sustained life for their people for generations.

Economic Benefits

Generally, when we talk about “housing costs” we are talking about the purchase price of a home. But we pay roughly the same amount additionally for financing costs and also for energy operating costs. Factor 5 buildings lower the overall financial cost because the structures are lower in square footage and lower in price. By building with energy conservation and alternative energy in mind, the energy maintenance cost of operation for the home in the future is minimal, with little cost of monthly electric or gas utilities—and no cost for energy if you have a net-zero energy home.