Extreme Climate

If you live in a place where extreme climate is even a possibility, consider our extreme climate versions of our OTechnology designs to ensure the safety of your structure and everything that surrounds it. Extreme climate versions of the OHome, OClass, and OHousing designs are available for arctic or tropical living. Basic infrastructure around the world has had increasing difficulty in withstanding more extreme weather patterns. With record snow falls in the Northeastern United States, hundreds of roofs have collapsed under the weight of snow showering bystanders with debris and even crushing cows and tractors.  

Environmental Benefits

Using triple glazing instead of double glazing (three instead of two layers of glass in your windows) and increased  insulation (R-60) are some prevention techniques to ensure that your home or building stays comfortable and safe in extreme climate.

Whether it’s building for a regular climate or extreme climate zones, OTechnology also ensures sustainability and energy efficiency. Improving energy efficiency is the first step—and a potentially profitable one—for consumers, businesses, and our society as a whole. Better efficiency can buy us time to make a global transition to solar power and other renewable energy. We believe that the shift to a clean, renewable energy, using sustainable building practices, can sufficiently reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and forestall additional damage to our earth. Imposing efficiency standards to designs appropriate to climate zones can reinforce the move to more efficient buildings.

Health and / or Social Benefits

Purchasing the extreme climate add ons to our OTechnology designs help to protecting people, animals, and other things in and around structures during extreme weather conditions. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, potential adaptation measures to help a community against extreme weather include:

We offer all of these measures in our OTechnology designs.

Economic Benefits

Investing upfront in an appropriate design and construction for extreme climate situations protects your building investment, your family or occupants, and your other property nearby.

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