double glazing

Double Glazing

Double Glazing to keep excessive heat out is standard on all OHOME/C-ROOMs. Draughts through windows caused by sinking cooled air will be less with double glazed units and heat loss through single glazing will be at least halved with double glazed units, therefore keeping the warm air in during the winter and hot air out during the summer, creating a more energy efficient building structure.

Double or Triple Glazing Windows (dependent upon climate) is one component to a Passive House system.  The Passive House system is a very well insulated, virtually airtight building that is primarily heated by passive solar and internal heat gains from occupants, cooking, bathing, electrical equipment, etc. The Passive House Standard is the highest building efficiency standard in the world, with the promise of reducing the energy consumption of buildings by up to 80% while providing superior comfort and air quality – all at minimized additional upfront cost. When coupled with renewable energy systems, such as solar, Passive House puts true zero energy buildings within reach.  If you are interested in the entire system, please look into adding on Passive Cooling, Passive Solar, Constant Fresh Air, Highly Insulated, Slab Foundation and Heat Recovery Ventilation –HRV to your OHOME/C-ROOM.

Environmental Benefits

The threat of climate change and the risks related to our dependence on petroleum are among the greatest threats we face as a nation and as a species.  The good news is, we know how to change course.  Improving energy efficiency is the first step and–surprise!–potentially a very profitable one, not just for consumers and businesses but also for all of society. And better efficiency can buy us time to make a global transition to solar power and other renewable energy.  We believe that the shift to a clean, renewable energy, using sustainable building practices can sufficiently reduced CO2 emissions and forestall grave damage to our earth. Imposing efficiency standards, such as double glazed windows in all OHOME/C-ROOMs, can reinforce the move to more efficient buildings.

Health and / or Social Benefits

Double glazed units also significantly reduce the intrusion of unwanted noise making a more conducive environment for focusing on what you need to in your home or school.  Condensation can be reduced with double glazed windows, which helps to prevent mold and increases the indoor air quality of your OHOME/C-ROOM.  Increasing energy efficiency standards in building structures also creates less dependence upon burning fossil fuels therefore decreasing air pollution and creating a more happy, healthy society.

Economic Benefits

Double or Triple Glazing your windows (dependent upon climate) reduces construction costs through energy efficient design.  Adding double or triple glazed windows dramatically increasing the energy efficiency of a building and the HVAC system can be downsized or even eliminated (dependent upon climate). This efficiency “sweet spot” is a basis for the double or triple glazing window performance standard and the key to its financial feasibility.  Additionally, much smaller solar systems are required to reach zero energy; this saves costs both upfront and annually for the lifetime of the OHOME/C-ROOM.