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    International Leaders Meet in Paris for United Nations Conference on Climate Change

    This week leaders from all over the world are meeting in Paris for the COP21 to discuss climate change. This conference aims to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C. With over 50,000 expected attendees and 25,000 government officials, we are excited to see …

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  • Aggie Sol - Team Photo square

    UC Davis’ “Aggie Sol” Net-Zero Home

    On June 4th, 2015, Bob Massaro and Stephanie Price met with a student panel from the Aggie Sol project, UC Davis’ team competing the in prestigious Solar Decathalon.  We were very impressed by the design and by the enthusiasm of the students involved, and asked them to write up a blog describing the project. By …

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  • Bonny Meyer - Whidbey TC Conference 2015

    Bigger Than Ourselves

    This blog from our sister site, Thriving Communities, is about this year’s Thriving Communities conference on Whidbey Island, WA.  Our partner Bonny Meyer attended (see pictures below) By Steve Villano The great French Jesuit Theologian, Teilhard de Chardin, framed the concept of community best:  “All that matters, is devotion to something bigger than ourselves.” If …

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  • Sustainable Elements 2015.4.25

    Introducing our New Periodic Table of Sustainable Elements!

    On April 25th, at Napa’s Earth Day Celebration, Healthy Buildings proudly introduced our newly updated Periodic Table of Sustainable Elements. The most noticeable change is the addition of our “orange” elements, which represent community and connectedness.  Through our collaboration with Thriving Communities, we have seen how loneliness and isolation have become an epidemic around our …

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  • By Stephanie Price, coordinator of the Healthy Buildings Social Media Outreach team

    A Millennial’s Perspective

    By Stephanie Price My generation is different from previous generations because we grew up in the era of instantaneous access to information.  We are used to the idea that anyone can fact-check anything, instantly; we have an unprecedented ability to share our thoughts and feelings with each other, through written words, audio, pictures, and videos; …

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  • Emily Headshot

    An Intern’s Perspective

    By Emily Thompson The night before the first day of my week-long internship at Healthy Buildings, I was extremely nervous. I dug myself out of a foot of snow and travelled three thousand miles from Brooklyn to spend five days immersed in a world about which I knew very little. I don’t have a background …

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    Our presence in the digital world

    Our mobile phones are the way we access the world. Today, information is ubiquitous, instantaneous, cheap, and more critical than ever before. We are at the beginning of a renaissance – and recognizing that makes our presence in the digital and social media world all the more significant. At Healthy Buildings, our goal is to …

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    Building Healthy Eco-Villages

    Healthy Buildings is proud to announce our new strategic partnership with real estate developer Thriving Communities, LLC, and the launch of the sustainable design process for two affordable urban eco-villages in Napa, California. Scheduled for completion in 2016, these two Napa developments will include 69 affordable single- and multi-family homes built with Healthy Buildings’ OTechnology. …

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    Our Proprietary Wall Panels

    One of the most important and innovative parts of the design process that allows us to fast-track projects—saving time and money while providing healthy and durable buildings—is our proprietary wall panel. These wall panels—we call it a structural insulated panel and finish system or SIPFS—save build time and allow us to control the quality of construction: all …

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    The Advantages of Steel Framing

    Many people want to know why we feel that using light-gauge steel (or cold-formed steel) in all our buildings is a better option than wood framing. Though light-gauge steel is common in commercial building, we think it works better for residential building as well. Here’s why. You need less—Though cold-formed steel is more expensive than …

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  • VOV interior 190x140

    What Is A High-Performance Building?

    In home construction, “high performance” commonly refers to designs that create energy efficiency and require reduced maintenance. Increasing performance results in significantly lower operating expense (OPEX). But high performance encompasses so much more. A smart, high performance home is accomplished by incorporating innovations in engineering, materials selection, and construction techniques. The buildings last longer, cost …

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