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    Our Proprietary Wall Panels

    One of the most important and innovative parts of the design process that allows us to fast-track projects—saving time and money while providing healthy and durable buildings—is our proprietary wall panel. These wall panels—we call it a structural insulated panel and finish system or SIPFS—save build time and allow us to control the quality of construction: all …

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    The Advantages of Steel Framing

    Many people want to know why we feel that using light-gauge steel (or cold-formed steel) in all our buildings is a better option than wood framing. Though light-gauge steel is common in commercial building, we think it works better for residential building as well. Here’s why. You need less—Though cold-formed steel is more expensive than …

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    What Is A High-Performance Building?

    In home construction, “high performance” commonly refers to designs that create energy efficiency and require reduced maintenance. Increasing performance results in significantly lower operating expense (OPEX). But high performance encompasses so much more. A smart, high performance home is accomplished by incorporating innovations in engineering, materials selection, and construction techniques. The buildings last longer, cost …

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