Healthy Buildings March Review 2016

Apr 7, 2016

It was an exciting month here at Healthy Buildings!  The month started off great with a unanimous approval of our Harvest Village project at Napa City Council. This nine single-family home community will be net-zero energy; to break this summer here in Napa. Learn more about this energy efficient, thriving community, here.

Mid-month we submitted our proposal to Sonoma County’s Pilot Project to safely shelter homeless people. This is a great opportunity for us to combine our innovative OTechnology with our mission to create safe, healthy homes for everyone. To learn more about the amazing efforts being done by Sonoma County read a draft here. All responses to be posted at a later date.

The Healthy Building Team took a field trip with Napa Can Do to the Waste Water Recycling Facility. Where we learned how our wastewater gets recycled and how the whole process works. Who knew “flushable” wipes weren’t actually flushable! Interested in learning about Napa and other interesting activities? Go here to check out their website.