Building Healthy Eco-Villages

Mar 1, 2014

Healthy Buildings is proud to announce our new strategic partnership with real estate developer Thriving Communities, LLC, and the launch of the sustainable design process for two affordable urban eco-villages in Napa, California.

Scheduled for completion in 2016, these two Napa developments will include 69 affordable single- and multi-family homes built with Healthy Buildings’ OTechnology. Energy and resource efficient with elegant designs, standard features include:

  • Solar electric and hot water systems that allow home to meet 2020 California building energy standards for net-zero energy use
  • Natural lighting and continual fresh air ventilation
  • Recycled construction materials and eco lumber
  • Energy-star appliances and ultra-high insulation
  • Efficient heating, passive cooling, and double-paned windows
  • Rainwater collection, grey water irrigation systems, and living roofs
  • LED lighting and electric charging stations

In addition, the eco-villages will make the most of their urban settings, keeping cars on the outside—safely covered by solar-panel roofs—and green space, play space, and community gardens on the inside. Shared community buildings will have space for meetings, classes, or gatherings. Both single family and multi-family homes will face toward the center of the community, allowing for old fashioned front porch sitting and easy access to walking paths and garden.

Using the proprietary OTechnology building process developed by our design/construct partner, Healthy Buildings, LLC, we can save up to 50% in build time  and create more affordable, beyond-green homes that more people can afford.

Thriving Communities creates investment opportunities that provide a reliable return on investment with diverse revenue streams and potential exits. Projections include a 40%-45% overall return at time of exit, with a 7%-12% internal rate of return.

Find out more about Thriving Communities and our current projects here.